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Task 1 - Choosing your topic

This task is due for the first lesson.

The task must be fulfilled before next lesson.


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Biology or Geology topic

The key to a good and manageable investigation is to choose a topic of interest, then ask what is called a “testable question”. 

Testable questions are those that can be answered through hands-on investigation.

The key difference between a general interest science question and a testable question is that testable questions are always about changing one thing to see what the effect is on another thing.

Your idea must be related to any BIOLOGY or GEOLOGY topic.

Adapted from: Science Fair Central - Scientific Steps

Testable questions




(Independent variable)


(Controlled variables)


(Dependent variable)

What type of food and feeder will attract the most sparrows?

Bird food or feeder type

Feeder type or bird food. Location, season

Number of sparrows attending each type of bird feeder or different food

Does microwave radiation affect seed germination?

Microwave radiation time, or microwave power

Microwave power or microwave radiation time, amount of water, light and soil nutrients

Proportion of sprouted seeds

Based on: Science Fair Central - Scientific Investigation Process

Validate topic

An appropriate research topic must meet the following requirements:

TIME: will the investigation or building the design take more than the time allowed?

MATERIALS: can you obtain the materials that will be required? Will the cost be too much?

SAFETY: are the tools and other materials safe for you to use? Are any of the materials ones that someone could be allergic to?

APPROPRIATENESS: is the topic something that you can understand? Will the research require you to read things that are too hard?

ANIMAL CARE: if you are going to do anything with animals, will they be kept safe? Will you be putting anyone in danger who is allergic to the animals?

Adapted from: Science Buddies - Science Fair Project Question Checklist

Looking for a Project

Here you can find very useful ideas for your Project

Science Buddies - Science fair projects - Topic selection wizard

Science Buddies. Tips for your Topic Selection Wizard- Background Info

Looking for a Project - More options

More options:

Science fair central - Science fair projects ideas

All science fair projects

Julian Trubin - Science fair projects

Owlcation - Insect Science Projects

Home Science Tools - Science fair ideas

Approval step

Once you have decided your project idea, you must tell it to the teacher through a message.

Your project can follow any of the ones you can find in the given links, or even one thought for yourself.

If right, The teacher will approve it and you would start your research.

Good luck!

Start your laboratory notebook

Download this Laboratory Notebook.

Upload it to your Google Drive or in any other Cloud Storage site.

Send the teacher the link, with permission to edit.

This laboratory notebook will provide you with a tool to design your research.

Don't forget to complete the included checklists. These will drive your planning.

Start it!