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Changing Earth

The Earth is changing all the time! Earth’s surface changes over short and long periods of time and this process has no beginning and no end.

Watch the video and answer the question. What is going to happen?

The landforms (such as mountains, valleys, cliffs…) are modified by destructive forces, that's mean eroded away by water, wind, ice, and gravity. 

Constructive forces cause new features to form by volcanic activity or uplift of the earth's crust. Under the oceans, volcanic activity forms new seafloor while old seafloor is destroyed at the oceanic trenches.

Earth’s surface features are the result of constructive and destructive forces.

Constructive or internal forces create landforms (e.g. the eruption of a new volcano) while destructive or external forces change the relief by slow processes of weathering and erosion over time (e.g. the glacier action on a mountian).

Lets experiment and study how were made up all the landforms on the continents or the shoreline features.

Note: Link these Geography contents to subjects such as Geology. Everything is connected! Involve other teachers and your family. 

[American English. Adapted from this source]

Shore = coast.

The breakdown of rocks by the action of rain, snow, cold, etc. Weathering is the process that desintegrate solid rock into smaller pieces (sediments).