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CLIL Corner

Climate and Weather

What's the difference between weather and climate? Watch the video and do the activity. 

Use the worksheet What's the difference between weather and climate? and upload it into your personal eportfolio (Dossier: Listening Folder).

After finishing, have a look at the following resources:


It's ... It's ... There's a ... There's a ...

sunny  sunny

cloudy cloudy

snowy snowy

rainy rainy

windy windy

foggy foggy

boiling (very hot) boiling boiling boiling boiling

hot boiling boiling boiling

warm boiling boiling

not very warm boiling

cold / chilly cold

freezing / icy (very cold) cold cold

wet/humid Humid climate

dry Dry climate

gentle breeze Wind

wind Wind Wind

strong wind Wind Wind Wind

tornado Tornado

hurricane Hurricane

drizzle (light rain) Light rain

heavy rain Rain Rain

storm Storm

thunderstorm Thunderstorm

Weather and climate

Try a great variety of activities to revise and learn vocabulary related to weather and climate. Enjoy!

Climate change and Global Warming

Let's know some vocabulary for talking about climate change an global warming, watch the video VideoClimate Change Basics and do some word games. Click on the picture to go to the Link activities.

Climate change

TumisuClimate Change (CC0)

We hope you learn and enjoy it!

Let's finish with the song What's the weather like today!! and some more fun activities related to Weather and Climate if you are interested in it.