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Inside my schoolbag

Inside my schoolbag is a section designed to help you improve your language skills. We leave you with some interesting websites dealing with the speaking skill practice.


  • ESLfast: esl conversations on different topics. They are interesting to practice pronunciation and listen to English online.
  • Forvo: it is the largest pronunciation reference online with native speaker pronunciations for all the words that exist in the world, including names.
  • Naturalreaders: it is a text to speech online tool with natural sounding voice. There are many others on the net such as ttsreaderfromtexttospeech (you can download the audio), oddcast (with talking avatars), ispeech (download audio), and many more.
  • Phonetic: this is a video with an interactive phonetic chart for English pronunciation.

Habilidad, talento

Expresión, habla