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Yes, we can!

It's your turn now! After carrying out different activities, we want you to assess or evaluate your speaking by means of the rubric Snakes and Ladders (The House). First, check the rubric before doing the activities.

It's your turn

Do you feel like playing a board game? Do you want to play Snakes and Ladders with your classmates? Ok, we will revise the house vocabulary by playing this classic game. Click on the picture below to start playing. You can download the board game to play with your classmates in class. Don't forget to use a die and counters to play the game.

Snakes & ladders
Jacqui Brown. Snakes & ladders (CC BY-SA)

Are you ready now to evaluate yourself? Complete the rubric Snakes and Ladders (The House) together with a brief reflection about the final result and a proposal for improvement, that you might do in English or Spanish, and upload it into your personal eportfolio (Biography Folder).

Help: if you are having problems with syllables, have a look at HOWMANYSYLLABLES, a website that shows you the syllables in any word you look up and even shows you how to pronounce it. Otherwise, if you need to know how to pronounce words, also try YOUGLISH, a website which offers you the possibility of listening to words in a real context.

Juego de mesa parecido a La Oca



Debajo (de)

Si no, de otra manera