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Yes, we can!

It's your turn now! After carrying out different activities, we want you to assess or evaluate your writing by means of the rubric My dream house. First, check the rubric before doing the activities.

It's your turn

My dream house. Can you imagine living in another house? Use the information in the picture below to write about your dream house. 


  1. Start a conversation in pairs or groups. Click on "Expressing dreams: questions to work in groups" to see some questions.
  2. Revise the vocabulary clicking on "How to describe your dream house: vocabulary".
  3. Write a description of your dream house. Click on "My dream house: example" to read a model.
  4. Surprise! Every picture in the poster contains a surprise. If you want to discover it, download hp reveal app on your mobile phone.
  5. Click on "Final task" to know what you have to do.

Once you finish the process, use the worksheet My dream house with your description into your personal eportfolio (Dossier: Writing Folder).

Are you ready now to evaluate yourself? Complete the rubric My dream house together with a brief reflection about the final result and a proposal for improvement, that you might do in English or Spanish, and upload it into your personal eportfolio (Biography Folder).



Breve, corta/o