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Are you ready?

As the heading suggests, it is the right time to be ready to start practising and having fun at the same time! 

Are you ready?

Take your time and enjoy doing these TASKS:

Task 1

Let's identify and reduce road safety risks to become safer pedestrians, passengers, skateboarders and drivers by learning some important road or street signs.

Use the following activity where we will learn street signs (and some modal verbs such as must and can), and discover the meaning of them by clicking on the card. After that, play in pairs (and later in the big group) to see who the safest student in the class is. Ready for the competition? What do they mean? Go ahead!  

Flash Card Deck created by crea educarex with GoConqr

Use the worksheet Street signs and upload it with your answers into your personal eportfolio (Dossier: Speaking Folder).

Task 2

A bit of road safety. Everyone should strictly follow all the rules, regulations and signs of road traffic lights. Let's understand it by watching the video Traffic rules and signs first. 

Video: Traffic rules and signs. Open new window

After watching the film, it is time to speak about traffic rules in pairs or in groups. Use the worksheet Traffic rules and signs and upload it with your answers into your personal eportfolio (Dossier: Speaking Folder).

Task 3

School rules! It is important that all students follow the class rules in order to ensure a happy and calm learning environment. Let's do the following activity in pairs:

After finishing, tell your partner which things you CAN, MUST, or MUSTN'T do in class. Use phrases from the activity or add new ones.

Use the worksheet School rules and upload with your answers into your personal eportfolio (Dossier: Speaking Folder). 

Task 4

Is discipline a problem in your school? What do teachers do when pupils behave badly in your country? Let's talk about bad behaviours in school

After the discussion, in groups of 3 or 4 students think and write down some new school rules. Then, record a short video or audio where all the students participate.

Use the worksheet School discipline: good or bad? to help you with the vocabulary and upload it together with the recording into your personal eportfolio (Dossier: Speaking Folder). 

Título, encabezado

Lista/o, preparada/o


Peatón(a), transeunte