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Enjoying School

Do you know that the word school derives from Greek σχολή, originally meaning "leisure", that is, free time? Let's take this free time to learn and have a good time at school. So, come on and ENJOY!

Enjoying School

If you do not really know how to enjoy school, take your time before starting this unit and read this interesting article which makes it clear.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

ocio, tiempo libre



Before Starting

Dear students,

In the poster depicted below, and before carrying out the wide variety of tasks shown in this unit, we want you to check the following information to be aware of  the different contents, sections and activities you have to do, as well as, working on the design of your eportfolio and the activities and rubrics to upload in it by using a account.

Portfolio To create your own eportfolio check the document: "How to create your eportfolio in DRIVE". This is something you have to do at the very beginning, as an important step to start working with the contents of the unit. The eportfolio will be the right place to keep a collection, selection, self-reflection and evaluation entries.

RubricBesides, it is important that you reflect on what we are learning and how we are doing that. For this purpose, we want you to get familiar with a teaching and learning tool, the rubrics, a set of scoring guidelines that evaluate students' work and provide a clear teaching directive. Have a previous look at the ones you are going to use in the unit:

We hope you like it! Enjoy and learn!

Best wishes

The teacher

Llevar a cabo, realizar

conocer, saber

Rúbrica (herramienta de calificación utilizada para evaluar la actuación de alumnos en la creación de artículos, proyectos, ensayos y otras tareas)


Guías o pautas de calificación

Portafolio, carpeta