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Are you ready?

As the heading suggests, it is the right time to be ready to start practising and having fun at the same time!

Are you ready?

Take your time and enjoy doing the following TASKS:

Task 1

Do you want to learn family words with Sarah? She is 18 years old and Victoria's daughter. First, watch the video Family about Alice's family tree. Then, try to decide if the sentences below are True or False. 

Alice's Family

Use the document Alice's family to write sentences and answer questions from the video. Finally, upload it into your personal eportfolio (Dossier: Listening Folder).

Task 2

Let's introduce Johnhe is 5 years old and David's son, and watch together the video My Family describing another family. Pay attention and complete the sentencesGood luck! 

Use the activity My Family to complete the sentences and upload it into your personal eportfolio (Dossier: Listening Folder).

Task 3

It's time for David, Victoria's husband. We want to show you a video where a man is talking about his family. Can you guess the family mentioned in the video? We hope so!

Talking about your family

Look at the image, listen to the dialogue and the question, and then, try to answer it! 

Task 4

Mum, now! She is Victoria, David's wife. This time, we want to show you some conversations about families. Listen carefully and answer the questions.

Use the activity Talking about families and upload it with your answers into your personal eportfolio (Dossier: Listening Folder).

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