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Are you ready?

As the heading suggests, it is the right time to be ready to start practising and having fun at the same time! 

Are you ready?

Take your time and enjoy doing these TASKS:

Task 1

We want you to play Who is who with Emma, James' wife, and try to guess your opponent's famous person.

How to play?

  • Game 1: one of the students of team A describes a famous person by using the information on the back of the flashcard. The members of team B have to guess him or her. You can add extra information, so they can guess.
  • Game 2: the students of team B ask questions to guess the famous person. The students of team A can only answer "yes" or "no".

Flash Card Deck created by crea educarex with GoConqr

Use the activity Who is who to help you, do the exercise at the end, and upload it into your personal eportfolio (Dossier: Speaking Folder).

Task 2

Do you dare to describe a classmate with the help of James, Emma's husband? Use the worksheet Describe a classmate, choose secretly one in your classroom without telling him or her. Finally, read the description to the class, so they can guess it.

Students describing

Remember to upload the worksheet with the description of a classmate into your personal eportfolio (Dossier: Speaking Folder).

Task 3

Time for the famous game Guess who. Let's guess the person by reading the clues.

How to play?

  • Divide the class into teams (3 or 4 students).
  • Read out the clues in the poster in alphabetical order when you go over the magnifying glass  with the mouse. 
  • When the teacher or the students finish reading the clues, and in order to know the answer, go over the people the students choose with the mouse.
  • Click on the red arrow to play the following game.
  • Click on the yellow arrow to go back.

Use the activity Guess who and upload it together with your answers into your personal eportfolio (Dossier: Speaking Folder). 

Task 4

Let's try now Description Battleships, a fun and entertaining game to play in pairs and revise the vocabulary related to physical appearance. Use the worksheet Description Battleships to play and read the rules.

Description Battleships
Immanuel Giel. Description Battleships (CC0)

We hope you like it!

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