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My Dear Diary

We want you to explore your feelings, emotions and experiences to write whatever is going through your heads. The goal of this challenging and motivating freewriting task is to never let your pen or pencil stop moving across the page. At this point, grammar and content are not so important, what is important is to write without stopping.

My dear diary

How are you going to do it? For this purpose, you are required to use PENZU, a free online diary and personal journal you will share with your teacher and/or classmates. Follow these instructions:

Feel free to write about your daily life, interests, short stories, opinions, and so on, at least once every two weeks. When you finish upload the link of your writing into your eportfolio (Dossier: Writing) and notify your teacher. For this purpose, design a section for your diary (My Dear Diary) and include there all your entries (links).

Writing Aid: apart from online tools like Grammarly, a free online grammar checker, we provide you with easy and visual help to start taking the first steps towards the process of writing. Have a quick look at it!

Estimulante, exigente