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Yes, we can!

It's your turn now! After carrying out different activities, we want you to assess or evaluate your listening by means of the Auction Grammar Rubric. First, check the rubric before doing the activity.

It's your turn

What about playing the game Grammar Auction? It is a fun and lively way to review grammar, correct common mistakes and improve accuracy. Use the google presentation below and decide which sentences you want to buy! 


  • We divide the class in 4 or 5 teams (4/5 students each).
  • The aim of the game is to buy as many correct sentences as possible.
  • Each group has $500 to spend. Use this auction money template to play the game.
  • Bids are $100 in each slide and if you win, you get $100 more.
  • Read and listen to the sentences and try to choose the correct ones.
  • The winner of the game is the group which buys the most correct sentences.
  • Finally, click on one of the hammers until you see if the sentences are right right or wrong wrong.

Use the activity Grammar Auction to write your answers and upload it later into your personal eportfolio (Dossier: Listening Folder).

Are you ready now to evaluate yourself? Complete the Auction Grammar Rubric together with a brief reflection about the final result and a proposal for improvement, that you might do it in English or Spanish, and upload it into your eportfolio (Biography Folder).

Ti mismo


Precisión, exacttud

Objetivo, propósito


Puja, oferta