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Yes, we can!

It's your turn now! After carrying out different tasks, we want you to assess or evaluate your reading by doing the following activities and throughout the Guess My Country Rubric.

It's your turn

Guess my country and my nationality. Work in teams and read the clues inside the question marks in the poster  to guess the country and the nationality of the different people. Firstly, read up and down the ones on the left side, and then the ones on the right in the same way. When every team has its answer, click on the 'solution' button to know it.

Use the worksheet Guess my country and upload it with your answers into your personal eportfolio (Dossier: Reading Folder).

Complete the Guess My Country Rubric together with a brief reflection about the final result and a proposal for improvement, that you might do it in English or Spanish, and upload it into your eportfolio (Biography Folder).