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Our Contribution

In this resource, we are going to pay tribute to women in history by performing six missions (projects), learning about International Women's Day (IWD), and creating a final challenge (guide) with relevant information about some of the most important women in our town. For this purpose, we will work individuallyin pairs or teamwork depending on the tasks.

Along with this, we will work on activities based on past events and other current issues. Here, we will also have the chance to revise and practise a grammar point such as past simple, and we will find several tasks to develop our communicative skills.

Important women in history

How are we going to carry out our learning process? Go on reading!

Before Starting

Dear students,

In the poster depicted below, and before carrying out the wide variety of activities shown in this unit, we want you to check the following information to know the different contents, sections and activities, as well as working on the design of your eportfolio and the activities and rubrics to upload in it by using a account.

Our eportfolio

To create your own eportfolio check the document How to create your eportfolio in DRIVE. This is something you have to do at the very beginning, as an important step to start working with the contents in this resource. The eportfolio will be the right place to keep a collection, selection, self-reflection and evaluation entries. It is important that you share your personal eportfolio with your teacher at the very beginning to check your progress.


Besides, it is important that you reflect on what we are learning and how we are doing that. For this purpose, we want you to get familiar with a teaching and learning tool, the rubrics, a set of scoring guidelines that evaluate students' work and provide a clear teaching directive. Have a previous look at the ones you are going to use in the unit:


We will find some activities to study and learn historical past events related to the importance of women in history. Besides, we provide you right here with some grammar practice related to the past simple of verbs, that will help you do the proposed tasks:

Grammar Worksheets

Remember to use the following activity template and upload it with your answers into your eportfolio at the request of the teacher (Dossier: Grammar and Vocabulary Folder). 

Final Project

In teams of 3 or 4, the students will create a final guide with relevant information about some of the important women in their towns by using Google Sites. They will have to look for information on the internet, and if possible, interview these women.

Paso, etapa

Pautas o guías de evaluación / calificación

Describir, representar

Hacer, realizar, llevar a cabo

Asunto, cuestión

Durante, a lo largo de

Llevar a cabo, realizar

Homenaje, tributo


Petición, solicitud

Portafolio, carpeta