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Women In Town

Final Challenge

4 sessions

We will divide the class into teams of 3 or 4 students to carry out our final challenge, to create a guide with relevant information about some of the most important women in our town, and disseminate it with the entire world using Google Sites.


What do we need to do?

  • Look for information about 4 important women (mayor, writer, singer, artist, ...) in your town on the internet.
  • If the women are alive, you may try to interview them. Use this Biography Interview Questions to help us, although we will probably have to make the questions in Spanish.
  • Write down the answers to prepare those women's biographies. Use different paragraphs (and linking words) to write about their life events:
    • Childhood (family, friends, house, school, town ...)
    • Adulthood (friends, work, relationships, ...)
  • Start a Google Site to include the biographies. Watch the video How to create a site with the new google sites to know how to create our own.
  • Include pictures and/or videos if possible. 


  • At the end of this final challenge, every student will evaluate it by using the Women in Town Rubric, together with a brief reflection about the final result and a proposal for improvement, that we might do in English or Spanish, and upload it into your eportfolio (Biography Folder).
  • Every evaluation has to be handed to the teacher at the end of the process.
  • The teacher will also evaluate it, and the final mark will be the average of the teacher's and the student's. 

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