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About the Project

What can be said about the project?

This project is part of a series of set books proposed for the students in the first year of Bachillerato and included in the annual Reading Plan of the educative centre. It has been designed as a PBL/ ABP (Project Based Learning) in which the students will have to build up a final product: the recording of a video about everyday sexism against women and women's empowerment.

igualdad de oportunidades
Geralt. Igualdad de oportunidades (CC BY-SA)

The final project will be built up throughout all of the different activities connected to the book. As well, the main aim of it will be the publishing of the videos created in the official webpage of the school and the preview of them in some of the classes on the 8th of March, the International Women’s Day.

Womens day
Maky_Orel. Women's Day (CC0)

This will be a collaborative project, so student will have to work in pairs, in teams of 4-5 members and, of course, individually.

The methodology will be based on certain teacher’s explanations that will be used as a guide, but, above all, in the investigation and interaction on the side of the students, as well as the compulsory reading of the book. The learners should follow the instructions and advices and complete all of the tasks in the same way they are exposed.

The tasks will be evaluated with rubrics, others with questionnaires, the creation of an individual portfolio with all of the material and the final project. A final evaluation will also be included in the same way that peer-assessment.