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After reading the diary

Now, it is time for you to begin creating your own project. As you know, the main aim of it is to record a video for the 8th of March, the International Women's Day. Your video will be based on one of the topics that we have been analysing throughout The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole. It is your group choice to select one topic or another, but remember! it is a requirement to include the multimedia poster you made for chapters Sep-Oct-Nov. So, be careful because the topics of both products need to be connected in a way.

GraphicMama-team. Detective (CC0)

Here you have the first activity. Your group needs to complete the following Google questionnaire with all of the information about your project. Once you have made it, go to the second activity.

Think about your role and... Lights, Camera, Action!

Wow! You have now all of the ingredients to begin recording your video. But before getting to work it is important to choose the role of each member of the group: the characters, the editors..etc. So, before taking your cameras out, fill in the following chart with each student's role. Next, upload it to your folder in DRIVE.

Emtic.Educación. CámaraGraba (CC BY-SA)

You will have two weeks to record your video and one extra week to edit it. Once your video is ready you will have to upload it to your folder in DRIVE. When it is corrected, you will upload it to the high-school webpage and social networks to be shared with the rest of the educative community. Below you have some nice tutorial and webpages you can check if you need more input to build your project up.

Tutorial Wevideo

Click on the images to display the videotutorials that will help you in this task.

Video Youtube
Emtic Educación. Play_video (CC BY-SA)

Tutorial Movie Maker

Click on the images to display the videotutorials that will help you in this task.

Emtic Educación. Video_logo (CC BY-SA)



Educación 2.0

Educación 3.0

Reflecting on the book: a personal analysis

You've reached the last step of this project and you've discovered how life can be perceived with the glasses of gender analysis. Now, it is time for you to complete the following questions about the book, its analysis and what you have learned. Look at the following questions and answer them in your personal blog; use a Google Doc to do it. You will have to do this task individually.

The first group of questions correspond to those that appeared at the very beginning of this project in the section <<working on the tasks>>; it is the moment to answer them. Remember!!! Answer them from the gender perspective we have been working with throughout all the project.

Thinking about the book

  1. How does Adrian perceive the relationship between his parents?
  2. And his own relationship with Pandora?
  3. How has the gender-based role changed in our society comparing the period of time when the book was written, 1982, and the current situation in 2019?
  4. What have I learned while reading this book?
  5. What did I like most about the book? And the least?
  6. What is my knowledge about sexism once I've finished the book?
Diario, ne blanco, escribir
6689062. Diario en blanco (CC0)

When you finish your reflection, upload your file to your personal floder in DRIVE.

Learning Diary

Wow!! Your job has been huge up to this point. In order to put an end to The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, open this last Google Doc and complete the statements basing your answers on your feeling when dealing with the tasks, working with your classmates and surfing the story.

Pensamiento Crítico
Balancepft. Pensamiento Crítico (CC0)

Once you finish, upload it to your DRIVE. Work individually.