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Scrambled List

Read the following situations that take place in Adrian's life during the months of January and February. Work in pairs and order them as they happen chronologically. Once you have finished ordering them, click the “check” button and next make a screenshot for your teacher. Upload the screenshot in each of your individual DRIVE folders.

  • Adrian's dog run away and he breaks the stereo.
  • Mr Lucas and Mrs Mole (Adrian's mum) laugh together.
  • There is a new in Adrian's class: Pandora. He feels in love.
  • Adrian's mother begins to look for a job.
  • Adrian visits Bert Baxter for the first time.
  • Adrian has his firts wet dream
  • Adrian sends a Valentine's Day card to Pandora
  • Barry Kent bullies Adrian and hits him in the goolies.
  • Adrian begins his paper round delivering newspapers in Elm Tree Avenue.



Sorry...That's wrong! Correct answer:

Tracing Adrian's life in a timeline

As you have seen in the months of January and February, Adrian's life is a bit complicated. Now it is time for you to try to give some light to his existence creating a timeline.

You need to include all of the events that had appeared in the previous exercise as well as include at least 6 new events that happened to Adrian in January and February. You will do it individually using the online tool Tiki-Toki. Once you have done it, you will have to upload a screenshot of your interactive timeline together with its link to your personal folder at DRIVE.

Here you also have a tutorial that explains how to create effortlessly your Tiki-Toki timeline.

Remember that this activity will be evaluated according to the following rubric from CEDEC. Rubric (part 1) & Rubric (part 2)