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The missing words...

Click on the picture below and listen to the following extract taken from The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole (minutes 0:37 to 2:35). Then read the entries of the diary below and fill in the missing words. You can do it at  the same time you are listening to it. It will be easier for you. Work individually and when every blank has been completed, click the "submit" button to check your answers. Once you have finished, make a screenshot and upload it to your personal folder in DRIVE.

Fech video
Emtic educación. flecha_video (CC BY-SA)

Wednesday, February 3rd

My father has had his credit cards . Barclays NAT Western American Express has got fed up with his reckless . Time is running out for us. He’s only got a few quids redundancy left in his sock drawer. My mother is looking for a job. I have got a sense of déjà vu.

Thursday, February 4th

When round to see Burton Queenie, their is so full of knick-knacks that there is hardly room for a person to move. Sabre knocks at least 10 things over every time he wags his tail; they both seem happy enough though their can’t be up to much.

Friday, February 5th

I’ve got to write an on the causes of the Second World War. What a waste of time! Everyone knows the ; you can’t go anywhere without seeing Hitler’s photo.

Saturday, February 6th

Finished essay. Copied it out of Pears Encyclopaedia. My mother has gone to a woman’s on self-defence so if my father moans at her for the toast, she will be able to chop him in the windpipe.

Sunday, February 7th

Septuagint stuff all day. My parents never do anything on Sundays but read the Sunday . Other families go out for , etc. but we never do. When I am a parent I will fill my with stimulation at weekends.

Monday, February the 8th

Full moon. My mother has found a job. She collects money from Space Invader . She started today in response to an urgent phone call from the job agency that she is registered with. She said the fullest machines are those in unrespectable cafes and university . I think my mother us betraying her principles; she is pandering to an of weak minds.

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What happened to each character?

In the last chapters of the book Adrian's life changes a bit: he discovers new loves, he begins to think in politics and he has a strange connection with glue. In the following exercise you will have to match the characters that appear in the last chapters with the actions they carry out. Work individually.

Abre juego a pantalla completa

Once you have finished make a screenshot and upload it to your personal folder in DRIVE.

In Pandora's shoes: the letter

Well, after all of Adrian's mix-ups, imagine that you are Pandora and that you think your relationship with him is getting too serious. Work individually and write a letter or a note to Adrian telling him that you need to spend some time apart. Give him the reasons for your choice.

Querido diario entero
Emtic Educación. Querido diario entero (CC BY-SA)

Write your letter by hand and hand it out to your teacher. Once it is corrected, take a picture or scan it and upload it to your personal folder in DRIVE.