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Checking Adrian's opinions about women

During the months of March and April, the reader can appreciate how Adrian behaves towards all of the situations that are happening in his life. Nowadays, it can be surprising for all of us some of the ideas he has about his mother, Pandora, their relationship...or not?

So, in  the first part of this activity you will have to find at least 8 examples of Adrian's ideas about women from the gender perspective. That is to say, situations where Adrian shares his particular view of women's role and gender sensitivity. Once you have all of them, the next step is to go to the following link and create an entrace in PADLET. Just click on the word and include your examples in a new post. It is necessary to write your name in the title and then the examples. There is one instance already done for you. When you finish uploading your post, open a document, make a screenshot of your contribution and paste it. Then, answer the following questions you have below and upload it to the personal folder you have in DRIVE.

Hecho con Padlet

Q1: Do yout think that Adrian has sexist ideas?

Q2: Does he discriminate his mother or Pandora about the activities they do or they can do?

Q3: Is there any connection between his way of thinking and the period of time when the book was written?

Do you know the different characters in the Diary?

Now, it is time for you to discover if you are getting to know the different characters that appear in the book and the type of actions they do or how they think. In this exercise you will have to match each character with their correct action. Be careful, you only have 2 opportunities to make an error.

Abre juego a pantalla completa

When you finish your exercise, just make a screenshot and upload it to your personal folder in DRIVE