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Ready, Steady...Listen!!

In this exercise you will have to watch a passage of Adrian's Mole diary on Youtube. Click on the image of the boy and watch it from the minute 10:50 up until the minute 20:00. Work in pairs. Then, say if the following sentences are true or false. When you finish, make a screenshot of your results and each of you will have to upload it to your personal folder in DRIVE.

estudio, niño, libro, gafas, aprendizaje
Sebaie-1992. Estudio niño (CC0)

Question 1

1. Pandora is really sad because her horse Blossom has been sold.

Question 2

2. Adrian thinks that Pandora's new horse has an evil look in its eyes.

Question 3

3. Bert Baxter is going to be sent to a retirement home and he does agree with that.

Question 4

4. Adrian is worried about his spots and what Pandora will think about them.

Question 5

5. Adrian lies to Pandora saying that the cut he has in his chin is due to his shaving; then he tells the truth.

Question 6

6. The responsible of the retirement home tells Pandora and Adrian that they have their permission to be in the common room.

Question 7

7. Bert Baxter phones Adrian to tell him that his roommate has died.

Question 8

8. Adrian's dog is missing; Nigel thinks that the dog run away.