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Up to this point, you already have a deeper idea about Adrian and all of the characters that appear in the book. The protagonist, Adrian, has a particular way of thinking about what a woman should or shouldn't do, that is to say, her way of behaving, as well as what they (women) expect. Fortunately, in the 21st century males have a complete different opinion about women's role.

women's march, equality
Samantha Sophia. Women’s March Los Angeles (CC0)

In this activity you will have to design a multimedia poster with CANVA or GLOGSTER about feminism, women's empowerment, discrimination by gender, criticism to male's and female's roles in society ...etc. Here you have some tutorials you can see to know more about these tools. They are really intuitive so it won't take you long to be experts.


Click on the image to display the tutorial.

bombilla de luz, en blanco, papel
qimono. Bombilla de luz (CC0)


Click on the image to display the tutorial.

Arte_crear_en blanco
1681551. Arte_crear_en blanco (CC0)

Your final product will have to include, at least, the following elements:

1) A title

2) A slogan or motto (ex: <Is this love?>, < Are you his prize?>, < Does he tell you what you have to do?>

3) Pictures or drawings connected to the topic

Emtic.Educación . Muro1 (CC BY-SA)

You will have to work in pairs and upload the final version to you invidividual portfolio (DRIVE folder). It will be evaluated with the following rubric of multimedia poster created by CREA.