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While reading the diary

Now it is time for you to begin reading the diary and accomplish all of the tasks connected to this section. In this part of the project you will have to do activities divided into different months and related to the specific information that appears in each of them in the book itself. This is the scheme:

  1. January- February
  2. March- April
  3. May-June-July- August
  4. September-October- November-December
  5. January-February-March- April
alumnos, biblioteca
Emtic. Educación. Bibl_1 (CC BY-SA)

Each activity will be recorded in a different way, including screenshots, charts to complete, interactive activities or contributions to online tools. Be careful to keep all your progress in the correct device: blog, personal folder in DRIVE or portfolio. Furthemore, as well as in the other sections, for this one - while reading the diary-, you will have to complete an entry in you learning diary for each of the group of months that appear above as well as an entry before working on the activities and another one to your personal opinion. Remember to devote the last part of the class to complete the learning diary of each group of months.

Am I understanding the book?


You will have to answer the following questions for each group of months. Think about the information Adrian gives in his diary and complete them.

Estudiantes tablero aprender
Geralt. Estudiantes, tablero, aprender (CC0)
Open a Google Doc and when you finish, upload it to your DRIVE folder. Remember to answer the questions individaully and in a complete and clear way. This activity must be done individually.


  1. What is your opinion about Adrian’s life? And the situations he is living?
  2. What piece of advice will you give him if you could?
Sugerencia, asesoramiento
OpenClipart-Vectors. Sugerencia, asesoramiento (CC0)


  1. Do you think that Adrian has sexist ideas?  Why? Why not?
  2. Does he discriminate his mother or Pandora about the activities they do or they can do?
  3. Is there any connection between his way of thinking and the period of time when the book was written?
  4. Do you agree with Adrian’s ideas?
  5. Do you think Adrian treats the women on his life equally than men?

May-June-July- August

  1. Have you understood the video? Why? Why not?
  2. Do you think that it is difficult to understand it?
  3. Have you got an overview about what was happening in the extract with the help of the images? Was it useful for you to understand it better?
Aprobar, rechazar
Johnhain. Aprobar, rechazar (CC0)

September-October-November- December

  1. What ideas have you chosen for your poster? Why?
  2. And the motto?
  3. Do you think your final product is informative enough?
  4. Can you make it better? Have you invested enough time to get a nice result?

January-February-March- April

  1. How has Adrian evolved since the beginning of the story up to this point?
  2. Do you think Adrian has behaved correctly with Pandora? And with Elisabeth? And with Barbara?
  3. Do you think that the situations Adrian lives in these chapter may happen to a boy of your age nowadays? Why? Why not?
  4. What is the general idea you get about Adrian at the end of April (end of the book)?
One-way street
Geralt. One-way street (CC0)

Learning Diary

Now, it is time to complete your Learning Diary. In this case, you will have to answer to some different questions (they are below) apart from those in the template. Click here to get the document you will have to complete. Remember that this activity must be done individually. Do not copy from your classmates. Once you finish your task, upload it to your DRIVE.

Querido diario entero
Emtic_educación. Querido diario entero (CC BY-SA)

Before working on the activities:

  1. What do I need to know before doing these activities?
  2. Have I read the chapters to do the tasks?
  3. Can I do the activities in different ways?
  4. How can I get organized to do them correctly?

Recaps of the activities/ Personal Overview

  1. What have I learned from the book?
  2. Have I done all of the activities in the best way I can do them?
  3. Have I understood the mayority of the book?
  4. Where did I have more understanding difficulties?
  5. What are my inner feelings towards Adrian and his story taking into consideration the period of time when the book was written?