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Working on the tasks

What to expect about the book?

You are going to read the book The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, but…why has this book be chosen?

Nilños leyendo
Emtic Educación (CC BY-SA)

Well, throughout Adrian’s adventures, his problems with spots, with being bullied by a school mate, the problems between his parents and his eternal love for Pandora, you will carry out a deep analysis of the book from the gender role:

Q1: How does Adrian perceive the relationship between his parents?

Q2: And his own relationship with Pandora?

Q3: How has the gender-based role changed in our society comparing the period of time when the book was written, 1982, and the current situation in 2019?

All these questions will be answered at the very end of the book. You will have to do that on a Google Doc, but that will be after the hilarious reading of Adrian Mole's adventures.

Let’s surf into a story that although written more than 30 years ago, has strong ties with your ongoing life. Enjoy the reading!!